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How Energy Exchange Affects Your Health

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Energy exchange affects your health. There is a quality to the energy that you and others carry and project. If you pay attention, you can feel that quality when you are in the presence of another person. Someone who has a smile on his or her face will tend to “disarm” you. The smile tells […]


Uncomfortable Emotions

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Emotions can be uncomfortable, and, well, messy. There is a simple device called a galvanic skin conductance meter. It measures the moisture on the surface of your skin. You may notice at times that when you are anxious, your hands become moist or clammy. It may occur before a test or before a performance. Conversely, […]


If Our Stress Response is Good, More is Better

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If our stress response is good, then more stress is better. There are many ways that your stress response serves you, mobilizes you to take action, helps you focus and be more motivated. It enhance performance. There is great reluctance, therefore, to set any limit on something you feel is helpful or needed. Thus, the […]


Why We Crave Stress Like a Drug

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When you start out training to become a psychologist, you take many courses focused on theories about behavior. One of the first lessons is that behavior that is reinforced will be strengthened and continued, while behavior that isn’t reinforced or that is negatively reinforced will be extinguished. In other words, it will be less and […]


What is Stress Anyway?

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What is stress, anyway? There are many misconceptions about stress. With all the publicity on the subject, one can easily get the message that stress is bad and should be eliminated. At the same time, we seem to look for and even desire stress. How is it possible to reconcile these two positions? The quick […]


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