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Mirror Neurons on the Wall

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Recent research is demonstrating that facial expressions of others can trigger specific responses in our brain. There are specific brain cells that respond based on what is being observed in someone else—thus the term “mirror neurons.” These brain cells will fire in response to observations of specific emotions displayed in someone else and have been […]


How Energy Exchange Affects Your Health

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Energy exchange affects your health. There is a quality to the energy that you and others carry and project. If you pay attention, you can feel that quality when you are in the presence of another person. Someone who has a smile on his or her face will tend to “disarm” you. The smile tells […]


Relationships with Others

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Relationships with others begins in the mirror. Many years ago Paul Simon wrote the classic song “I Am a Rock.” “I am a rock; I am an Island. And a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries.” Despite Mr. Simon’s wishful thinking, few of us live on an island. And we certainly aren’t […]


Key Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

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What are the most important factors in establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself? We often hear it said that it’s impossible to love someone if you don’t first love yourself. There is definitely some truth to this statement. In fact, love and acceptance are at the heart of a good relationship with yourself. […]


Ignoring Feelings Makes Us Numb

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If you have found ways of ignoring feelings—and we all do this—then a likely consequence is that, to some extent, you have numbed yourself. You see, you are not able to selectively make yourself unaware of only negative feelings! When you depress or push down your anger, or unconsciously engage in shallow breathing to numb […]


Resistance to Overcoming Old Patterns

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If you are going to get onto The Path and stay on The Path, you have to recognize the invisible obstacles that keep getting in your way. To be on The Path you must learn to have your eyes wide open—to be awake. When you are asleep, metaphorically, you don’t know you are asleep. That’s […]


Stress is in the Eye of the Beholder

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Stress is all in the eye of the beholder. Anything that creates a sense of danger or even uncertainty will trigger your stress response and the mobilization of your body’s resources and defenses. For this reason, your stress response is open to your particular interpretation of what’s dangerous. In other words, stress is subjective; that […]


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