Resilient Living Single CD

Dr. Sideroff’s new and innovative model of Resilience takes you beyond the one-dimensional definition of success in life – a bigger bottom line and more money in the bank – to his nine dimensional perspectives on optimal health, life and achievement. This model identifies the most important ingredients for a joyful, healthy and successful life. Dr. Sideroff uncovers three broad areas: relationship, organismic balance and mastery and process or how we get things done.

This Resilient Living CD identifies Dr. Sideroff’s new nine pillars of optimal functioning. It describes each component and then guides you into an exercise designed to improve your capacity in that area. Resilient Living presents an innovative and comprehensive model for effectively living with the inevitable stresses that come with a successful life. This model provides tools for coping with stress as well as offering a concrete path to optimal performance.  The last track of the CD gives you a guided relaxation and visualization exercise for achieving optimal rejuvenation.

Recommended:  Dr. Sideroff suggests you also get his “Resilience Assessment Booklet”  which includes a 40-item resilience questionnaire to assess your strengths and weaknesses along the nine dimensions, and a self-scoring profile to see at a glance where you stand on each component, and the direction you need to take.