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    NOW, YOU CAN LEARN TO BE MORE RESILIENT WITH THIS EASY-TO-FOLLOW, SIX-WEEK, STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAM Maximize your body’s healing and performance abilities with this self-guided program created by one of the world’s leading experts in stress reduction. By listening to the 4 CDs included in the “Resilience” program for just five minutes a day, you’ll learn effective strategies to help you: • Master stress • Relax through biofeedback • Develop positive thinking patterns • Improve self-esteem • Become more assertive • Learn better ways to deal with your emotions • Control catastrophic expectations • Solve problems and resolve conflicts • Overcome procrastination and better manage your time • Develop a positive attitude in life

Here are the tools you need, but never learned in school, to live and work successfully and – most importantly – to be able to fully recover from stresses so you can give everything you have day in and day out.

Michael Sinel, M.D.

An amazing array of personal skills at your fingertips.

Hal Myers, Ph.D.

Resilience from Dr. Sideroff offers dynamic wisdom to empower us to prevail over those inevitable blips life throws at us.

Gerald Levin

Former CEO of Time/Warner

Dr. Sideroff gives you the way to de-stress and continually renew your energy.”

Rene Cailliet, M.D.