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Dr. Sideroff’s brain research and personal consulting have been at the cutting edge of what drives optimal performance.

I have always felt that I can’t ask anyone, individual clients or organizations, to do anything I haven’t done myself.  For this reason, it’s been important for me to engage in my own deep psychological exploration and journey.  Having done this for over 35 years, I can sit with you or your organization with greater confidence that I can be of service.  More specifically, I’m less likely to shy away from difficult areas and be able to hold a safe and sacred space for healing and growth to occur.

My perspective has developed and been informed by my work in many areas as teacher, trainer, brain and behavior researcher, clinician, clinical director, athlete, and explorer of the unconscious.  My approach integrates cognitive behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, and Jungian therapy with biofeedback and neurofeedback.

While I enjoy my deep psychological work, I also find great satisfaction in two other areas: peak performance, and restoring self-regulation in individuals challenged by physical symptoms.

In peak performance, I reference my experience in college, winning the SUNY Binghamton’s four wall handball championship in my last three years. But most significantly, I won in the last year, when I wasn’t the best player. In that last tournament, I was able to beat a more skilled opponent, through rigorous preparation and then court presence and focused play at the start of the match.  I’ve taken my personal experience and combined it with new approaches to mental toughness and pioneering work incorporating Neurofeedback into my training, working with professional, collegiate and other athletes.

In my work with clients experiencing chronic physical symptoms, I’ve incorporated the Sideroff model of resilience with biofeedback and neurofeedback.  For those who are uncomfortable with their emotions, this is an ideal way of engaging in the healing process.  Biofeedback and neurofeedback are methods for monitoring and feeding back information about how the body is functioning, such as heart rate, muscle tension and brain wave patterns. Each time the client’s physiology shifts in the optimal direction – such as lower tension, a healthier heart or brain wave pattern – they receive immediate feedback that lets them know of their success. In this manner they actually learn to shift into these healthier physical states. When combined with my resilience training, the result is a reduction in physical symptoms and a greater sense of health.

My experience as co-founder and clinical director of Moonview Treatment and Optimal Performance Center.  Moonview was a unique intensive outpatient treatment facility where I integrated the approaches of over 60 of the best professionals in the Los Angeles area, creating teams of 10 to work with each client. This approach offered me a unique perspective on the many different ways of healing.

Founder and clinical director of Stress Strategies of Santa Monica Hospital. This program gave me the opportunity to work closely with physicians in the care of their patients suffering from stress related symptoms. It has been very helpful in knowing the best ways of collaborating in the care of their patients.